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Driveaway Awning Question Page

How does a drive away tent awning work?

Drive away awnings are designed around a tent that can be fully closed and left on site, on the rear of this tent is a tunnel that is designed to attach to the camper, it consists of a roof section that can be attached to the gutter of the camper and two sides, the edge of which are normally elasticised and pull into the side of the camper by pegging them to the ground underneath the camper.

tent awning tent awning
drive away awning tent When the large zipped door on the back of the tent is opened the tent becomes an annexe to the camper.

When you want to go off in your camper for the day the rear door zips closed and the attachment tunnel neatly rolls up against the tent leaving a fully enclosed stand alone tent

figure of 8 awning fixing


How will my awning fit to my camper?

It is important that you buy an awning with the correct gutter attachment method for your camper.

Modern drive away tent awnings use one of two methods of attachment to campers;

a) "Figure of 8"- the edge of the awning has a piped edge onto which you slide the figure of 8 which then clips onto the gutter.

Figure of 8 can also be used to connect to an awning rail when matched with a Driveaway connection kit.

b) "Pole and clamps"- the edge of the awning has a pocket machined along its length, a pole is inserted into this sleeve and the pole then dropped into the gutter and held in by clamps.

All our camper awnings are supplied as standard with a pole and clamp attachment kit , all our awnings (except the reimo tour easy ) have a piped edge to facilitate connection using the figure of 8 system.

NOTE we can modify the Reimo Tour Easy awning by adding a piped edge for the fig of 8 method if required)

Pole and clamp kits , figure of 8 kits and Driveaway connection kits are all available to purchase separately , visit our Awning fitting kits and accessories page for details.

figure of 8 awning fixing

pole and clamp awning fixing



This table shows how our awnings are supplied;


Supplied as standard


Royal Traveller Tunnel Pole and clamps Has piped edge, requires 3 pieces of plastic figure 8
Royal Traveller Traditional Pole and clamps Has piped edge, requires 3 pieces of plastic figure 8
Campershop Outlaw Pole and clamps Has piped edge, requires 3 pieces of figure of 8
Campershop Bandit Pole & clamps Has piped edge, requires 3 pieces of figure of 8
Reimo Tour Easy Pole & clamps We can add a piped edge and supply with figure of 8 - £35
Navigator Kombi Pole & clamps
Figure of 8

Why does it matter which method of attachment I have for my tent awning?

Pole and clamps

This is the most common method and works in most cases, it needs a gutter for the pole to drop into hence problems occur if;

  1. a high top has been fitted and this has filled the gutter up
  2. an elevating roof has been fitted that does not leave the gutter clear when the roof is elevated

Figure of 8

This works great as long as the gutter is large enough and of an angle to stop the figure of 8 sliding off

OR if you are fitting to an awning rail (will require the purchase of a driveaway connection kit )



So whats best for my camper?

The following is our recommendation for the most popular campers we cater for.

Volkswagen Split screen; use the pole and clamp type as figure of 8 tends to fall off due to the shallow gutter angle

Volkswagen Bay window; pole and clamp and fig of 8 both work a treat
but beware if you have a 68-74 type Devon elevating roof the pole wont fit in the gutter so use the figure of 8 method

Volkswagen T25 (T3) Brick; pole and clamp is best, figure of 8 will work but some models have a black beading that stops the figure 8 fixing on.

Volkswagen T4 and T5; This van was not produced with a gutter by Volkswagen so a gutter rail needs fitting to the van to then allow the fitting of a drive away awning by a pole and clamps. See here

Mazda Bongo and Ford Freda These campers can use either system however in general the pole and clamp method is more secure.

Campers fitted with an awning rail; Various campers have awning rails fitted due to them not having a suitable gutter for attachment of awnings .

If you wish to attach your awning to a rail we can supply a driveaway kit which allows connection via a length of double edged beading and figure of 8